So, you’re a small business.  Trust us, we get it, we’re a small business too.  So, we understand what’s it can be like to be running a lean operation, especially if your business is new.  You’re focusing on the day-to-day tasks, the necessities and the urgent issues that may come up – maybe you’re thinking your Facebook page is enough, the sign on your car will bring in calls, and you can’t afford to have a website.  To be honest, you’re wrong.  You can NOT afford to NOT have a website – and the only way to seriously grow your brand and start promoting your business is to have a professional website.

Customers expect it

Whether you’re staying connected to your current customers, or connecting with new customers who want to learn more about your business, a website is certain to help you do just that.
Six out of ten consumers expect online content from businesses, and more than half go directly to a brand’s website to learn more about products and information.  People today also turn to the internet when they have a problem, and it’s a great opportunity for your business to be the one with the solution.
A professional website allows you and your business the opportunity to give consumers what they’re looking for by optimizing your site with content related to your industry, exposing your business to new customers.  If you don’t have a website, these digital-savvy customers may find what they need from someone else who does.

The cornerstone for your marketing

Your website will be the cornerstone of your advertising.  So, before you print those business cards or buy ad space, you need to build a website.  
What your business is all about, your products and services and promotions should all be present on your site so you can create your marketing materials with that in mind, and drive customers to your website to learn more.

Builds credibility

Online reviews and the ability to find you are key for customers.  If you haven’t established an online web presence customers may not be able to find you, making you and your company appear out of touch and possibly unreliable.
90% of consumers say their buying decisions were influenced by online reviews.  While many people love word-of-mouth referrals, they also like to see for themselves.  And when they take to the internet to do so and they can’t find you, you may have missed your chance.

Helps you control your online narrative

Be the one to tell your story on your own terms.  A business website, along with a company blog, can help owners get their “who we are” out there for the world instantly.  Pair your site with your social marketing and networking sites to target your audience and build your customers.  It’s a great way to connect and engage, and it puts you in control.

Big benefits for local business

Websites are just as important for small businesses as it is for large corporations, if not more.  Most households turn to the internet when looking for local for products or services.  Today search engines know your location, and they look for businesses online in the area when providing their search queries.  This is a great way to stake your claim on your local market and show them why they should choose you.

Competitors all have company websites

If someone is searching for you or your services online and you aren’t there, who do you think they are going to find? Your competitors…that’s right.  They will start seeing reviews, sites and information pertaining to your business, but not your business, someone else’s.  Don’t let that happen.

Open for business 24/7

Don’t worry about putting the Closed sign up anymore.  Your night owl customers can find you, your business and your products online all the time, not just from 9 to 5.  And with your site you can reach people outside of your area to sell your services and products, even at 2 in the morning.

Sell your products and services

It’s your digital brochure, accessible at any time to anyone.    It allows you to share up-to-date information regarding your products and services at any time, no need to wait to re-print outdated materials!

Google search results

With various SEO packages you help increase your ranking on Google.  You should also pack your site with relevant content to help consumers find just what they are looking for…you!

Company & staff resource center

Would like your business to run more efficiently? Your website can also be an in-house tool that allows your staff to access resources via a web portal from anywhere, not just while they are in the office.  Think that you need custom web-based tools to share data, update resources, generate reports, display news and more…well we can help you with that!  In fact, we’ve helped many of our clients by creating custom tools and database systems to do just that.

Need help with hosting for your website or email?

Thinking2 provides hosting for your business’s web and email needs, giving you the tools that let you work efficiently and securely.

Small businesses succeed when they combine Email Marketing and Social Media.

 Let us help get you there.

Ready to connect and get things started?   Request a quote today and we can take the leap together!
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