Parallax Scroll + Video + Responsive Web Design + Image Gallery

Conveying a client's product through the use of digital media can be an empowering thing.  Using custom video to show how products and services work is now becoming a great tool, and we decided to use that tool in creating the new DecisionEdge website.

A new clean design with custom website videography provided a visual concept and direction to showcase their unique and easy to use Earned Value Management software.

And, while screenshots of software aren’t always the most artistic, we enhanced modern stock photography with superimposed screen captures of the working software, creating a visually appealing image gallery.

Utilizing animated parallax scrolling provides fluid transitions of information segments making it easy for the visitor to tour the product information and features. The animated content, videos, and images create a dynamic break that makes an impact and engages the user.  Included in the parallax design is an interactive icon based section that keeps the design simple and clean while allowing the visitor to learn more about the product details by selecting the various features.

Creating ways to bridge the gap between user and product is something we love to do and we'd love to help you.

What's your next project look like?

Responsive Web Design & Development:  Simi Valley, CA

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  1. The gallery and video look sweet on the site.