Investing in the future of upcoming generations and encouraging them in their aspirations helps to create driven individuals. We were excited and inspired by YEAcal’s desire to “create a business like environment that aims to educate future entrepreneurs with the skills to become business owners and innovators.” As small business owners ourselves we know how hard it is to be out there on your own with no safety net, but we also know the pride and rewards of being and entrepreneur.

Setting young individuals up for success with the knowledge early on and encouraging them to have the confidence to take their ideas to the next level will give them a beneficial head start. We are very proud to have been able to be part of YEAcal’s new website that will reach young entrepreneurs all across California.

We worked with YEAcal to create a young yet professional site that played off their logo colors and introduced clean and impactful graphics. The site also includes multiple jQuery forms for Membership and Sponsor opportunities.

Simi Valley website is clean and professional with a youthful mix of colors and graphics.

We were happy to meet with the Young Entrepreneur Association of California (YEACal), founded by our local Santa Susana High School students, and encourage them in "their goal to link up motivated young minds with local business owners willing to share their know-how." You can check out the full article in the Simi Valley Acorn here.

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