New web design and development trends have made the internet an enjoyable place to be in recent years with vivid photography and animation leading the revolution...  

Revamping our client’s website in order to incorporate modern web standards, functionality, content reorganization, and updated imagery was the goal of our recent collaboration that updated their site to a new bolder and larger format experience.  The internet is riddled with outdated websites, and a current design can create a stand out impression amongst the competition.  Creating a clean, modern and user friendly site for Arxis Technology was done by focusing on some of the current web design trends.

Responsive Web Design

An emphasis on mobile design to develop a website that looks sharp and easily navigated on all types of devices.  The design flows and is in sync no matter how you access the site, allowing visitors to experience a similar navigation and familiarity when they visit the website from any platform, whether it by phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or mulit-screen command center.

Full Width Design

Capitalizing on larger screen real estate with dynamic content and graphic imagery creates an informative site with breathing room.  Perfect for the modern web, the design adjusts to fit various screen sizes.

Interactive and Animated Design

Guide visitors to key data and information sections of your site with interactive features.  Create call-to-action opportunities that get noticed and increase your ROI.

Implement Custom Design Icons

Icons help to showcase important information and can be tailored to your site to add personality and contribute to your sites overall identity and design.  These custom features can also be aid in your company's branding allowing you to use them in a multitude of marketing materials.

Professional Photography Images

Beautiful photography and graphics that resonate off the page and inspire your visitors to take action. A big web trend that we don't see going away any time soon that elevates a site from the mundane to the fabulous.

Web Design and Development:  Simi Valley, CA

While we love designing and developing solutions for our clients we love to maintain and enhance them even more! We offer low cost updates and maintenance solutions to fit your business needs. Whether it be implementing new database reports, rss feeds and 3rd party data, or simple content and image updates for your website, we’ve got your back.

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