Furniture Website Development and Design

Ventura based furniture manufacturer Artistica releases new sites to showcase their beautiful furniture to the trade, interior designers, home décor and furniture showrooms as well as the consumer.  Melding design and function was key in creating a cohesive look across all three websites with clean and crisp lines that accent the fantastic images .
T2 Portfolio:  Artistica Home Furnishings Website Re-design
Updated design for Artistica achieved a site to showcase their amazing furniture collection by highlighting the furniture collections with a sleek, simple and timeless backdrop that compliments the products.  Read more about the Artistica website redesign.

T2 Portfolio:  Anthology Furnishings Website Re-design
Simple, elegant and timeless.  The goal of the Anthology website for this Ventura based business was to highlight their gorgeous furniture collections as well as make it simple for vendors to view and navigate products.  Read more about the Anthology website redesign.

T2 Portfolio:  Curate Home Collection Web Design

Designed to compliment Artistica's other sites we carried the clean, light, and graphical focus into this web design as well for the Ventura based furniture manufacturer.  This allows vendors, interior designers, and clients the ease of viewing the beautiful designs.  Read more about the Curate Home Collection Web Design.

Website Design & Web Development:  Ventura, CA

While we love designing and developing solutions for our clients we love to maintain and enhance them even more!  We offer low cost updates and maintenance solutions to fit your business needs.  Whether it be implementing new database reports, rss feeds and 3rd party data, or simple content and image updates for your website, we’ve got your back. 

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